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What is it about a place that makes it scary? Is it the unknown? or is it lizard part of your brain triggering the flight or fight response? Whether real or a place of fiction, unknown creatures or locations can be terrifying for reasons you just can’t explain. The Star Wars universe is no different. So grab your lightsaber, get into the X-Wing, and journey forth into the unknown and known parts of Star War’s scariest locations.


It is a dark and forever stormy planet. Or so it would seem. Kamino, first seen in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, is portrayed as being a planet forever stuck in a storm. To some, a place that never sees the sun and is in constant waves or rain and a watery surface, can seem like a nightmare.
This would be changed a little in The Clone Wars tv show. Despite this, there are also other reasons why Kamino can be considered terrifying.

Kamino is home to the cloning facility that creates the clones used in the fight against the Trade Federation and their droids. The cloning facility will come into play later in the lore of Star Wars, such as The Mandoralian and Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Cloning itself has led to
raises the potential for future moral and ethical issues. The clones were created in secret by a previous Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, who was then killed by Count Dooku.

KAMINO - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy

The clones are made to grow up fast and therefore their lifespan is severely limited. A secret backdoor program was installed into them to execute all Jedi upon Order 66. The implications can have a real life nightmare scenario of the idea of designer babies, where a parent can add or remove genetic markers, and a lot of people are concerned about the idea of creating the “perfect human” reminiscent of creating the perfect race.

The technology created at Kamino comes into play with Moff Gideon using the same tech to create clones of himself, which also leads to the cloning of Snoke. This process is also used to create clones of the Emperor, who is a Sith that keeps coming back over and over again, somehow. So between the idea of clones and the storm, some may consider Kamino to be scary in its own right.

STORMTROOPER - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy


A planet full of big and small creatures. A swamp teaming with space malaria. A crazy green creature called Yoda and a cave that is filled with Sith/Dark Side created nightmares. These are some of the things that Luke Skywalker has to face when searching and training for Master Yoda, in the swamps of Dagobah, first seen in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

When Luke first lands in Dagobah, he crashes into the swamp, as the vegetation is so thick he cannot see nor can his sensors help him. R2-D2 falls into the muck and is pounced upon by a creature we barely see and is quickly spit out, however if it had been Luke, he would probably have been eaten.

DAGOBAH - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy

Yoda picked this planet because of the amount of lifeforms that would help mask him from anyone using the force to search for him.

The real part of Dagobah that is the most terrifying in the dark side cave. When Luke goes to venture into it, Yoda warns him to not take his lightsaber in with him, but Luke ignores it, stepping into what some can consider a step to the dark side. Once inside, Luke is confronted with a visage of Darth Vader. He quickly dispatches him, cutting off his head. This alone is enough to scare some in a family-friendly franchise.


A galaxy not quite so far away, including space whales, snail people and witches, oh and a blue Chiss. Whether traveled via space whales, or a giant jump ring, going to a place no one has returned from seems like it can be a one-way ticket.

Going to new places can always be scary, especially when you don’t know you will return. In Ahsoka, we travel to a galaxy outside the known Star Wars galaxy.

When Ahsoka and team travel to Peridia in search of Sabine and Ezra, they have no clue what they will find when they reach their destination.

PERIDEA - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy

In the show, we learn the fate of Ezra and Grand Admiral Thrawn as last seen in the end of season 4 of Star Wars Rebels. Thrawn himself is a force to be reckoned with, let alone with the help of the Night Sisters. On top of that, we must discuss the zombie troopers.

In the final two episodes of Ahsoka, we see that the Night Sisters are loading cargo into Thrawn’s ship, and they have teamed up with one of the most strategic forces in the Star Wars Universe. Sabine, Ahsoka and Ezra seem to cut through the two squads of storm troopers, who seem to have seen some stuff and are tough enough as is.

After they seem to defeat them, the Night Sisters raise the troopers from the dead to the point they are zombies and near unkillable (they first appeared in the book Death Troopers). So by the end of the show, Ahsoka and Sabine are stuck on Peridia, and Thrawn, the Night Sisters and (whatever remaining of the cargo load) get back to the main galaxy, to unleash unknown terror.


A fortress sits above a raging lava flow. Images of a past battle where someone nearly burns to death. A master having the higher ground over his apprentice. One might wonder with nearly losing all limbs, and his last remnant of humanity, Anakin Skywalker would pick a different world to build his fortress on, but his black fortress sits on Mustafar. Mustafar is a planet that has a dark sky due to the constant volcano eruptions.
First seen in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Mustafar is a place of immense power. We see an epic battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

mustafar - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy

From that fight, we see Anakin lose two legs and an arm, and gets very crispy. This scene alone was reported to have scared children to see such graphic depictions of body horror. From this act, Anakin becomes one of the most fearsome villains in the Star Wars movie franchise.

In the Legends books, and various other Star Wars properties, Mustafar is revealed to be the fortress that Dath Vader uses. He moved into an ancient Sith temple that had existed hundreds of years before. Mustafar is an immense source of Dark Side energy. Vader built his castle over the lava flow as a testament to the ancient Sith to help harness more dark side power to help try to heal his wounds. He also picked Mustafar as a fortress location because that is why Anakin Skywalker died and Darth Vader was born, and fed his hatred from that battle into focusing more on the dark side of the force. Mustafar was also used in The Clone Wars as a base of Palpatine in meetings with Darth Maul and where the plans for the Death Star was revealed.


Coruscant, the home of the Jedi Temple. The old Jedi/Sith War of years past. Imagine a planet that is considered the birthplace of the Sith. Korriban, also known as Moraband, is that planet. First mentioned and revealed in Tales of the Jedi -Dark Lords of the Sith, this place is considered to be the creation of the Sith themselves.


MORABAND - KORRIBAN - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy

In video games, it is a place that is part of the ancient Jedi/Sith War that is explored in Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic. Even in The Force Unleashed, you can input that into the computer and travel there. Imagine a planet of nothing but Sith; one might have thought that two alone were bad, but an entire planet who live and worships completely in the dark side of the force, would be very bad to have sprung back into the Star Wars Universe.

On Korriban, even the plants and fauna are affected by the dark side. Everything on the planet has evolved to be the biggest killer of anything it can. In the Extended Universe of the now Legends books, Jacen Solo also known as Darth Cadeus took up residency there under the tutelage of Vestere in learning more about the dark side in hopes to be able to break the cycle
of light vs dark. After his death, Luke Skywalker purged all records of it, but in the Fate of the Jedi book series, we see the planet of Sith return and a disciple tries to understand and turn Ben
Skywalker, and we see the ancient god of Abeloth come forth and try to destroy the Jedi.


Somehow, the Emperor has found a way to come back. Those words are scary no matter what people may think about The Rise of Skywalker. A planet that hid the massive fleet of the First Order,
the birthplace of Snoke, and where Palpatine hid in waiting, gathering strength in troops and power.
Thought to be a Sith planet, after his defeat in Return of the Jedi, Palpatine got a cloned body and was put back in through his teaching of the dark side of the Force. In Episode 9, the final battle takes place on Exegol where we see dozens of Sith Star Destroyers. Also Rey also has to fight Palpatine where he uses the power of all Sith past while Rey uses the power of all Jedi past. It is a dark and stormy planet. The Resistance seems like they would surely meet their end and that the First Order would rule again with the newly built Empire.
Rey had to battle not only physically, but also mentally. Even the strongest Jedi, when surrounded by the dark side, can be tempted non- stop. Rey has to use all her will, strength, and training to be able to resist, not become who she saw in her Force Vision.


Rancors, witches, and a deadly Sith alliance. Dathomir was once considered to be the home planet of the Night Sisters. The Night Sisters are witches that use the force in dark ways, but whose magic seems to be older than the Jedi or the Sith.
First seen in The Courtship of Princess Leia, Han Solo won the planet in the card game of Sabacc . Dathomir became the base of many intergalactic travel due to the Night Sisters having come from another galaxy. We see in Ahsoka that they originally came from Peridia.

In the Extended Universe, during his training of all things Force related, Jacen Solo goes there to learn about the power of the Night Sisters. A little before the time of the Sith Emergence, Luke, Han and Leia travel there before an alliance could be made between the Sith and the Night Sisters, and those two together would make the Sith almost impossible to beat. The Night Sisters and the planet were even too powerful in the New Jedi Order for the Vong to even beat. Also Rancors are native to the planet and are a very fearsome creature.

DATHOMIR - KORRIBAN - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy


Raxus Prime is a pit. It is a garbage planet that has become so inhospitable that the residents need to live in sealed living quarters as the air is too toxic to survive in. Imagine a world that looks like a giant junkyard and you have Raxus Prime. First appearing in The Clone Wars video game in 2002, it was shortly established to have been the base of Count Dooku.
In The Force Unleashed, Vader’s secret apprentice travels there to hunt down a former Jedi Master that went into hiding after Order 66. In the game, you learn that the Empire is using the scrap planet to make new Star Destroyers. On Raxus Prime, Starkiller fights the Jedi Master who has been driven insane from the planet.
For anyone who looks at the Rust Belt of America, Raxus Prime shows what can happen when industry destroys a planet. Raxus Prime became an ally to the Separatist Army, which kicked off The Clone Wars. This led to the rise of the Empire, which destroyed the long last peace of the Republic.

RAXUS PRIME - KORRIBAN - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy
A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy


“I don’t like the sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating” – Anakin Skywalker. Once a planet that was covered in huge oceans, Tatooine is a hot and hostile planet. It is a mainstay in the Star Wars Universe.
There are crime lords, Krayt Dragons, and we can also find the dreaded Sarlacc Pit. Tatooine is the Wild West of the Star Wars Universe. But let’s focus on the crime and the punishment, the Sarlacc. Jabba the Hutt was a big crime lord, part of the Black Sun. He was a huge part in the spice trade, an illegal narcotic.
When Han Solo dumped his payload, he was hunted by Boba Fett and taken to Jabba. We get to see what happens between Episode 5 and 6 thanks to Shadows of the Empire. When Lando, Leia, Luke and Chewbacca rescue Han, we are introduced to the Sarlacc. A creature that eats you, but more swallows you whole and can digest you for a thousand years.

Most consider it to be a fate worse than death. In Return of the Jedi we assume Boba Fett met his demise, but we got in the Extended Universe his escape, which we got to see in The Book of Boba Fett. Between the crime, the heat, and monstrous creatures it is no wonder why the Empire or the Republic paid little attention to the planet, enough that Obi-Wan Kenobi is able to hide so successfully there along with Luke.

TATOOINE - SARLACC PIT - A LONG TIME AGO IN A SCARY GALAXY - star wars - spoiler magazine - comiccon radio - galaxy


Finally we come to the space around the known Star Wars galaxy. Throughout the Star Wars lore, we learn very little of the space outside the Outer Rim. We have a species like the Chiss that come from the Unknown Regions, and one of the most fearsome being Grand Admiral Thrawn. He is a brilliant strategist, who was so popular after his first appearance in Heir of the Empire , that he was made canon with Star Wars Rebels and we got a live action version in Ahsoka.

The Unknown Regions also became the place in the Extended Universe that the Imperial Remnant hid for years. But they are not the biggest threat to come from the Unknown Regions. The Yuuzhan Vong are a race that have no presence in the Force. They have grown without it to the point that they even have creatures that can extend
a bubble that dissipates all connections to the Force itself. First identified in The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime. The had living ships and were able to terraform any planet to their will.

With shows such as Ahsoka showing that there are other galaxies outside the known galaxy, we also learn that the Night Sisters also come from that region. With such formidable foes that we know of, who is to say what else is found in the Unknown Regions.

As the world of Star Wars continues to expand, or you are looking at the Star Wars Legends, one can see worlds, creatures and people that are truly terrifying. If there is a phobia, there is most likely a Star Wars planet that will spark that fear. What future terrors does the Star Wars Universe hold for us, time will only tell.

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