Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Rachel Dodson

Colorist: Terry Dodson

what’s it about?

Revisit how the legend of the greatest pulp hero of them all, Adventureman, ended in a heartbreaking cliffhanger with our hero facing execution at the vile hand of his ultra-nemesis Baron Bizarre on the eve of the Macabrapocalypse… or did it?!? Eighty years after his apparent demise, single mother Claire and her Adventurefan son Tommy seem to be the only two people alive who remember the thrilling Adventureman sagas…but from that memory burns the Spark of Resurrection! Where his story ended… her story begins!

The Good

Matt Fraction is a master of dialogue.It’s rare to read a book with so many unique characters and yet still be able to recognize each of them by their speech patterns. This might be easy to do on screen, but in a book or a comic, it’s extremely difficult and Fraction does it skillfully. I never read his X-Men run with Terry and Rachel Dodson, but if it’s anything like what they’re delivering in Adventureman, I definitely need to revisit it. Terry and Rachel’s art and coloring are heroes in their own right. I can’t explain it, but the ghostly Phaedra Phantom’s translucent word bubbles are so clever. Every panel pops off the page and the attention to detail in this book is amazing.

The Bad

It’s hard to search for something that needs improvement in this book. It sets up two distinct yet connected storylines wonderfully. I’m eager to read and see more of the supporting characters as well as the main cast. I know this book came out close to a year ago and I’m just getting around to it now, but I’m hooking and heading back to my local comic book shop for more. Adventureman #1 is my book of the month.

SCORE: 9.5

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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