Writer: Kaare Andrews

Artist: Kaare Andrews

Colorist: Kaare Andrews

what’s it about?

The most iconic versions of your favorite Marvel characters, teenage Spider-Man, Red Room Black Widow, World War II Captain America, arrive on a mysterious island inhabited by peculiar tribes and amazing beasts. Are they dead, lost in a dream, or possibly trapped in another dimension? How will they survive? Will they escape or will they want to?

The Good

Kaare Andrews presents us with the very versions of Black Widow, Captain America, and Spider-Man that are quintessential to Marvel history, yet finds a way to take them on a journey we’ve never experienced before. Combine amazing art, superb writing, a true love for the characters, and fantastic Conan-esque elements and you have 2021’s Amazing Fantasy. The last few panels sent chills down my spine. This self-contained story is a perfect book for new readers and lifelong fans alike. I’m really excited to see where Andrews takes our characters next.

The Bad

It’s easy to get lost in the nostalgia of the characters as they are presented here, and upon second reading it’s a little more difficult to notice that there really isn’t much of a story. The unnamed island is indistinguishable from the Savage Land that these characters visited throughout their publication history. Captain America went from WWII hero to Ka-Zar clone fairly quickly and without much reasoning. I’m hoping the second issue will bring our time-displaced heroes together and present us with a coherent plot.

SCORE: 8.0

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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