By |July 2nd, 2022|

Upon its debut over 20 years ago, the video game revolutionized and changed first-person shooters forever. However, even today, the franchise has had its ups and downs which have made it one of the most talked about games ever, let alone by the millions of fans who are quite outspoken about their love for Halo and the direction that 343 Industries has taken the recent games.

Spider-Man 2 The Father of the Modern-Day Superhero Movie

By |June 18th, 2022|

Idoubt i need to harp any more about how we’re currently living in the age of superheroes. With the MCU dominating the big screen since 2008 and informing, if not imposing, trends for every other franchise while giving them astronomical heights to live up to, it’s hard to imagine a cinematic landscape that was any different.

Second Chance Superhero Cinema

By |May 26th, 2022|

The term “superhero fatigue” was recently coined to describe the deluge of tights and capes that are continuously making their way onto the big screen, although we can certainly debate the term and the differences between “too many” and “a lot.” While there’s no mistaking that there are a number of superhero movies being churned out by the big studios on an annual basis, that definitely wasn’t the case prior to the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. Superheroes on the silver screen were sporadic and hit-or-miss with audiences, critics, and financial success. Let’s take a look at five pieces of superhero cinema that missed the mark upon their original releases but deserve reconsideration.

Sylvia Hoeks: Interview

By |May 25th, 2022|

Acting seemed like a natural choice for Sylvia Hoeks, star of the Apple TV+ series See, where she plays the tyrannical and murderous Queen Kane in a world where everyone is blind. The Holland native grew up in a town with a population of about 3,000, managing to be the only member of her family glued to the TV set.

Cry Macho

By |April 25th, 2022|

There are few icons in cinema history as prolific as Clint Eastwood. Following a career that spans over six decades, including over 30 feature films sitting in the director’s seat, his latest, Cry Macho, may not only be towards the bottom of that list and proof that he’s definitely past his peak, but also evidential of the inescapable magic that comes with anything he touches.

Brec Bassinger Exclusive Interview

By |April 22nd, 2022|

If you ask any actor or actress, they’ll tell you that getting the title role on two different TV shows is like getting struck by lightning twice. And before she even turned 21, Brec Bassinger had already starred as Bella in Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs and now as superhero Courtney Whitmore, aka Stargirl, in DC’s Stargirl, whose second season debuted on The CW back in August.


By |January 28th, 2022|

In 2008, husband-and-wife Russian intelligence operatives walk into the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic in order to defect, making a deal to trade secrets for new lives. But instead of the American Dream, Janosh and Victorya Neumann find themselves caught up in red tape, bureaucracy, and turf wars between the FBI and CIA—all while their past tries to kill them.

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