Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Artist: Paul Pelletier, Mick Gray, & Francesco Francavilla

Colorist: Hi-Fi

what’s it about?

The Batman of the noir-tinged streets of Gotham City finds himself stranded in the sunny, retro futurist World of Tomorrow and Superman discovers himself in the opposite predicament. With their home worlds in decay and only one chance to save them, the key to preserving their very existence is but the flip of a coin. Or the flip of this book! This special flip book is two times the story, with one full comic on one side and one full comic on the other, meeting in the middle! Follow Superman’s journey on one side of this epic flip book annual, and turn the adventure over to crusade with Batman and his trusty sidekick, Robin!

The Good

Wow! Gene Luen Yang knows how to write a story that harkens back to the Silver Age of Comics. This issue references events that occurred in previous issues of Batman Superman but, unlike, say, The Amazing Spider-Man #71, knowing about those events is not a prerequisite to enjoy the events transpiring here. This is a fun tale set in different dimensions featuring a Dynamic Duo and Man of Steel that will feel very familiar to both longtime fans and casual fans alike. I wouldn’t be surprised if this story became a classic with time, on par with some of the greatest Batman and Superman stories ever written.

The Bad

Despite the dueling art styles of both stories and the gimmicky notion of both stories meeting in the middle with a flip, the issue works on every level. Some of Batman’s dialogue seems a tad out of character, especially the repeated notion of a villain’s “broken mind,” but overall the issue is astounding. This is definitely a world I want to see revisited and an issue that needs to be celebrated for a long time. Batman Superman 2021 Annual is my book of the month!

SCORE: 8.5

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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