Written by: Sean Murphy & Katana Collins

Art by: Matteo Scalera

Colors by: Dave Stewart

The Good

First I have to admit this is probably my favorite portrayal of Harley Quinn in comic books to date. Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn was very well received through its first three issues and it seems like it’s only getting better. The series is character driven which, when it comes to a name like Harley Quinn, might be easy to fall into the same tired, boring tropes we always see with her just being the psychotic girlfriend of the Joker. This series has proven she’s capable of much more depth than that.

The Bad

The flashback sequences. Comics are similar to movies in the sense that flashbacks should only be used as a tool to make the story better and/or more detailed, and to give us a firmer understanding of the world. It feels like that’s the comic’s intent, but instead these flashbacks keep pulling me out of the story and slowing the pace.

The Veredict

It’s always important for a comic book series to start out strong right out the gate. It needs to leave an impression. But when it comes to longevity and what makes a comic book series last it’s very important that each issue is better than the last. That may not be the case every single time, even with some of the most storied franchises, but when the writers and artists come together and pull it off it makes for some of the best comic series we’ve ever seen. In regards to Harley Quinn and the DC universe I think this series, and especially this issue, is not only elite, but a great read for any comic book fan.

SCORE: 9.0

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Robert Napolitano

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