Writer: Dave Sim

Artist: Gerhard

Colorist: Gerhard

The Good

If the protagonist of your story is an alcoholic pig I think it’s fair to say comedy is a must. Fortunately, Cerebus Guys delivers on that front. It’s vulgar and clearly written for mature readers, and that’s why a lot of it works so well. For a comic that relies so heavily on keeping us interested through dialogue, it does a decent job with its pacing.

The Bad

The overuse of slang in the dialogue is pretty cool to an extent, but it tends to go a little overboard to the point where the reader is left guessing what the characters are actually trying to say. There are times when it’s flat out annoying.

The Veredict

I didn’t connect with the characters the way I had hoped to, but from an entertainment standpoint the writers do a pretty good job. It’s not easy to make comic book readers laugh more than a half-hearted chuckle, but Cerebus delivers a couple of moments where I literally laughed out loud, which just might be the best thing about this book. Despite the occasional laugh and a very unique protagonist, there’s not much else to say about Cerebus Guys. Indie and Rated M comic fans should give this a chance, but the average comic book fan can do without it. Maybe it’s the black & white art, but there are too many moments where I found myself bored.

SCORE: 7.5

About the Author: Robert Napolitano

Robert Napolitano

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