Writer: Chris Roberson

Artist: Shawn McManus

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

The Good

I’ve read more than my fair share of comics over the years, but I never thought I’d read one that involves Cinderella and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Personally I was never much of a fan of either, but like most people, I did see both movies as a kid, and knowing the characters’ backstories made the read much more entertaining. This isn’t your typical Cinderella story. This is a totally original retelling. Dorothy seems so sweet and innocent in the movies, but I dare you to read this book and not call her a raging b**ch. That might seem harsh, but I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. So kudos to the creators for executing such a unique reimagining.

The Bad

If it weren’t for the oddity of these household names coming together I wouldn’t have been interested in reading this at all. It’s awesome to see girls kick ass in a comic since it’s not quite as common, but the notoriety of these characters seems to be the only thing preventing it from just being your typical back and forth. What makes the book unique is Cinderella and Dorothy as opposed to the actual plot itself.

The Veredict

I’m a grown man with no kids, so I’m not a fan of Disney princesses, not even a little bit, but seeing the comic book version, I felt like I had to at least give it a chance. Incorporating such well known and popular fictional characters, the comic does a great job of staying true to its story and not becoming played out or overly predictable. I think most people would enjoy this one, no matter who they are, but especially female readers who looked up to these characters as kids, since they get to see what the badass versions of these ladies would actually be like.

SCORE: 7.5

About the Author: Robert Napolitano

Robert Napolitano

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