Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Matteo Lolli

Colorist: Ruth Redmond

The Good

Deadpool is “just like Spider-Man, but with guns and charm” (his words, not mine). That’s about as spot-on of an assessment as I’ve ever heard, even if it does come straight from the horse’s mouth. The Merc with a Mouth is at his absolute funniest in this issue and it makes for an excellent follow up to #1. Just like in the best Deadpool comics, he always seems to rub his peers the wrong way, which just adds to the constant humor he’s able to effortlessly churn out. Whether he’s taunting Wolverine or commenting on how big a woman’s “balloons” are, there’s never a dull moment.

The Bad

This book might not be perfect for a first time Marvel reader. You need to either like the Marvel universe or at least know a little bit about it to fully appreciate this one.

The Veredict

Saying these characters go to war is putting it mildly. It’s so action packed, and yet, Deadpool’s ability to break up the tension with humor makes you never lose interest in the story or feel like things are becoming repetitive. Again, I’m a little biased, but I can’t imagine a comic book fan (let alone a Marvel fan) reading any book in this four-part series and thinking it’s anything short of fantastic. Issue #2 leaves the reader excited to see what’s to come in the final two.

SCORE: 9.0

About the Author: Robert Napolitano

Robert Napolitano

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