Writer: Sean Izaakse | Artist: Mark Russell | Colorist: Nolan Woodard

What’s it about?

Celebrating 60 years of Marvel’s First Family, Fantastic Four: Life Story takes us back to the 1960s. This book seamlessly blends real world events and the genesis of the Fantastic Four in a way that lifelong fans of the Four will appreciate and new fans will welcome.

When President John F. Kennedy asks you to build him a rocket, you better build him a rocket. Reed Richards creates Kennedy an experimental craft that he, along with Sue Storm, her kid brother Johnny, and his pal Ben Grimm, pilots into space. The experience will change them forever and what they see may bring about the end of the world.

The Good

If you’re not familiar with the Fantastic Four this is the perfect book to pick up. Mark Russell has the dubious honor of cherrypicking from 60 years of Fantastic Four mythology and American history to meld together the quintessential story. The team’s potentially dated origins and costumes seem fresh in the hands of Russell and Izaakse. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets ready to welcome Marvel’s First Family into their ranks, this book will reacquaint newcomers and veterans alike with the Four’s origins. A homerun for Marvel!

The Bad

I don’t envy the task that Russell and Izaakse had to tackle with his issue and the subsequent issues and eras to follow. However, this issue is perfect.

I’m open about the fact that the Fantastic Four are not in my top 20 list of superheroes. I can see why people enjoy the stories and the characters without question, yet always said my favorite version of the Fantastic Four was Pixar’s The Incredibles. Well, if this is what I’ve missed out on, I’m not afraid to admit I was wrong. Fantastic Four: Life Story is my book of the month.

SCORE: 9.0

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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