Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Xermanico

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

what’s it about?

Infinite Frontier comes to an end as President Superman, Thomas Wayne Batman, Omega Lantern Roy Harper, and heroes from across the Multiverse/Omniverse attempt to stop Darkside once and for all. What secrets does the Omega Planet hold? The future of DC starts where this issue ends. The Justice Incarnate struggles to save all of reality as the Flash unlocks the real puppet master behind everything.

The Good

Crisis on Infinite Earths was the first event series I read as a child. It will forever have a special place in my heart. Here, Williamson does an excellent job recreating the feel of that series in so many ways. Xermanico’s art, although not quite at the level of George Perez, perfectly fits Williamson’s style. Matching artists to writers is something DC does well, with a few exceptions (sorry Batman ‘89) and they hit a homerun with this team. This book is a great conclusion and really has me excited for the future of DC Comics.

The Bad

This title didn’t have a great deal of hype behind it considering the ramifications for the future of the DC Universe that will result directly from its success. But it’s also so much fun that I’m surprised that DC didn’t push it harder. This book directly leads to major events in 2022 and, despite how great this series is as a whole, the last few pages are the most important factor in our understanding of those future events. You might want to skip this series and save your cash for next year. I love DC, but it does seem like you need a PhD in the Multiverse/ Omniverse to truly understand what’s going on in this one. Issue six may conclude the series but it’s not a conclusion by any means. If you ripped out the last few pages you might trick yourself into thinking your commitment to this six-issue event paid off.

SCORE: 8.0

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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