Writer: Matthew Rosenberg | Artist: Jesus Marino | Colorist: Ulises Arreola

What’s it about?

The golden android Amazo is on a quest to find out his true purpose in the universe. His journey has taken him through the vast cosmos and now he finds himself in a twisted mirror room. As the glass in the room shatters, so does all of reality. Superman finds himself thrust into a world ruled by a totalitarian reich led by the enigmatic Great Leader.

In Superman’s place, Overman, a dark version of the Man of Steel, arrives on our Earth and faces off against Lois Lane, the Justice League, and a returning Martian Manhunter.

Will the League be able to stop Overman before he destroys our Earth? And how will Superman find his way home?

The Good

If you loved the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series as I did, then you’re going to love this title. It is a perfect spiritual sequel to both shows. The art and writing perfectly capture the look and feel of what made the DC Animated Universe so endearing and timeless. The issue is filled with callbacks and allusions to events within the shows while simultaneously driving the story forward. If you grew up with Justice League on Cartoon Network or enjoyed it as an adult as I did, you’re in for a treat with this series.

The Bad

If you’re not familiar with the Justice League animated show this series may be a bit overwhelming. It certainly assumes that you know your DCAU history. DC is riding a wave of nostalgia with series such as this and the upcoming Batman ‘89 and Superman ‘78 but nostalgia is not enough to keep readers coming back for more. If you are familiar with both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited shows, this issue and its events might feel familiar. Seeing Overman only served to remind me of the two-part episode “A Better World” which introduced us to the Justice Lords. I think it’s time to give the “What if Superman was evil?” trope a much needed rest.

SCORE: 7.0

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