Writer: Sean Lewis & Todd McFarlane

Colorist: Terry Dodson

Artist: Todd McFarlane, Javier Fernandez, Brett Booth, Stephen Segovia, Marcio Takara, & Philip Tan

what’s it about?

A historical new ongoing Spawn series begins! The launch of this book, nearly three decades in the making, further expands the Spawn Universe with a growing presence of Hell, Heaven, and Heroes here on Earth. A classic villain from Spawn’s past has begun asserting his powers on Earth by corrupting as many souls as possible. And only Spawn knows that he even exists. Continuing the dramatic battles from Spawn’s Universe #1, this is where it all begins!

The Good

This is a big book! The primary story centers around a school explosion that kills numerous children. Spawn instinctively knows something bigger is going down and sets out on a quest to find out more and stop any further loss of life. The backup stories feature Haunt, Nightmare Spawn, Komox, the Hero, and Gunslinger Spawn. Despite the multitude of stories, they are all seemingly connected some more clearly than others. The art is amazing and atmospheric as well as beautifully colored. The pacing of the main Spawn story is brisk and engaging. Whether you’ve been following Spawn since 1992 or just jumping on, King Spawn is a fun ride that has a little something for everyone.

The Bad

I don’t want to be “that guy,” but I’ve always found Todd McFarlane’s writing to be… off. That’s the best word to describe how I feel when I read his dialogue. It may be his turn of phrase or his sentence structure, but I always find it off-putting. I know Haunt is a fan favorite, and although this is the first Haunt story I’ve ever read, I thought his short backup story was the weakest entry in the otherwise well-assembled book. His inclusion in this issue should have been an opportunity to introduce him to a new audience, but it was far from welcoming.

SCORE: 9.0

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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