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Bullet Train

YOU EVER MISS AN ERA WHERE THERE WAS A BUNCH OF FILMS about large speeding vehicles with a race against the clock plot? Speed, Snakes on Planes, Train to Busan, and a bunch of Fast and Furious films all follow that same exact formula. However, none of those films has ever had a cast so ambitious, and a plot so exciting that they get the hype that Bullet Train is about to! So, now that the film has an actual trailer, an actual release date and it’s about to hit theaters quite soon, let’s talk about everything you need to know about Bullet Train!

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THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL HAS BEEN A BELOVED FIGURE FOR MANY DECADES there have been countless documentaries on this man as well as a couple of films that dictate his life. However, no one has been able to do so with extreme detail, the exact set of events, and a realistic flourish to the life of The King, Elvis Presley.

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Learning How it’s Made With Meghan Kasperlik

The actor and the costume designer. Costume experts are tasked with creating the outer layer of a character to assist the audience when it comes to understanding just who the actor is trying to portray. And no one understands the importance of costumes more than the talented Meghan Kasperlik, costume designer for shows such as Moon Knight, Watchmen, and The OA.

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