Writer: ChrisCross | Artist: Vita Ayala | Colorist: Draper-Ivey

What’s it about?

The Milestone Universe is back and Static is leading the charge! An experimental gas explosion, the Big Bang, has killed many in Dakota City, but others like nerdy teenager Virgil Hawkins were endowed with amazing superpowers.

Virgil inherited the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields and now has the power to enact real change. But first he has to learn to control it.

The Good

Take one part animated Static Shock add one part original Milestone Static, and a dash of Ultimate Spider-Man and you have Static: Season One! Heroes develop their powers in secret, determined to protect the ones they love.

Right out of the gate that doesn’t seem like an option for Virgil as the school bully, granted superheat powers by the Big Bang and referring to himself as Hotstreak, comes burning down Virgil’s door in the middle of family dinner. If you were a fan of either the original comic series or cartoon that it inspired you’re in for a treat. ChrisCross’ art and Vita Ayala’s writing blend together beautifully.

The Bad

The comparisons between the Ultimate Spider-Man and Static are easy to make and hard to avoid, between their accidental acquisition of power to their struggle to control it. What makes Static an iconic character isn’t necessarily on full display here, although I thought the last few pages and panels are amazing.

Ayala has her work cut out for her as she showcases what makes Virgil his own hero. I have no doubt we’re going to see great things from this team and the Milestone Universe.

SCORE: 9.0

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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