Written by: Nick Spencer

Pencils by: Marcelo Ferreira

Inks by: Wayne Faucher

Colors by: Morry Hollowell

The Good

The action in this comic is a lot of fun. With major superheroes like Spider-Man there can be only so many times where he fights with Venom or the Green Goblin before it feels redundant, so when the writers hit with a much lesser know villain that’s always a big plus. There’s also a lot more heart than I expected in this one, which is by and large the best aspect of the comic.

The Bad

I’ve always preferred a limited series as opposed to what feels like a never-ending one. The stakes in a series that has 5 to 8 issues just seem much higher than one where it really doesn’t matter which issue you start out on. That’s not really an uncommon thing in comics, so it’s not a knock specifically for this book only. However, I would say that this issue falls into that trap of being essentially just another Spider-Man comic book.

The Veredict

I like the aspect of the story where all of the main characters’ pasts come back to haunt them. There was something cool about that that added a little umph. Overall, this is by no means a bad or boring comic, but it does feel like just another Spider-Man issue with nothing to really point to that makes this stand out from hundreds of others.

SCORE: 7.0

About the Author: Robert Napolitano

Robert Napolitano

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