Writer: Skottie Young | Artist: Joge Corona | Colorist: Jean-Francois BeauLieu

what’s it about?

In this first of this five-issue series we’re introduced to Ro Meadows, a successful artist who hit a creative wall. She seeks out a rental home to sequester herself, get some drawing done, down more than a few bottles of wine, and commune with the ghost that she believes inhabited her rented abode.

After weeks of nothing, no drawings created or ghosts to speak of, what happens when Ro finds out she was right about the house after all?

The Good

After the success of Skottie Young and Jorge Corona’s Image series Middlewest, I had high hopes for this book and it certainly didn’t disappoint. You are almost immediately drawn into Ro’s world, and although her intentions aren’t clear as of yet (Why did she seek out a haunted house to work in?), what is clear is that there’s a lot more to Ro Meadows than meets the eye. Corona’s art is engaging and does a spectacular job of telling the story with little dialogue. Horror books are big again, and with this being a limited series, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where Ro goes.

The Bad

Horror is big in the funny pages again. Every publisher seems to be getting their hands on some great stories from super teams of writers and artists. With so many amazing books to choose from, you’ve got to choose wisely. This issue does a great job setting the stage for what’s to come in the remaining four issues, but this seems like something I’d enjoy as a trade rather than picking it up issue by issue. I may be looking forward to seeing where this story goes but I think I can wait a few months more for the collected issues.

SCORE: 8.0

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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