Writer: Alvaro Martinez Bueno | Artist: James Tynion IV | Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

What’s it about?

How would you cope with the end of the world? Would it make it harder to deal with it if you knew your lifelong friend, someone who loves you with all their heart, might be responsible for it? The lake house inhabitants are starting to get a better idea of what’s going on beyond the invincible walls that are keeping them.

Are they prisoners or were they saved? Is this Heaven or Hell? As the survivors start to take inventory of the house’s abilities and layout they must answer these questions for themselves before Walter, their enigmatic benefactor, decides for them.

The Good

Nice House on the Lake is one of the most unique and original horror comics I’ve ever read. The use of transcripts, video surveillance, social media, and other storytelling instruments is a clever way to progress the story as well as remind us that the survivors are being watched.

It’s hard not to envision yourself as one of the lake house inhabitants. How would I react? What would I do next? The cast of characters are varied enough that you can see yourself in one of them. You feel their sense of panic and fear alongside their sense of awe and wonder. The beauty of the lake house is perfectly juxtaposed with the horrors that exist outside its walls.

The Bad

This is going to be a stretch because there’s not much to gripe about! Every panel is a visual treat. Even a mundane panel of something like a college dorm room pops with extraordinary detail. The only issue, and this is probably more on me than the writing team, is that I’m terrible with names and they’re not used frequently enough for me to know who’s who without referencing the first issue.

SCORE: 9.0

About the Author: Tom Tormey

Tom Tormey

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