written & penciled by Jim Starlin

Colors by: Ian Laughlin

The Good

It wastes no time. One page in and you can already feel Silver Surfer’s pain. Warlock claiming that friendship is his motive was something I wasn’t expecting so to have that as a main focus in the first issue makes the next few to come very enticing. We know what’s driving both characters, and we know what they want. The main question is whether or not Warlock is being sincere. The art makes his motives very questionable despite being written otherwise, and that contrast is my favorite thing about this book. This comic is loaded with conflict, even between the art and the dialogue.

The Bad

The best comic books have a degree of humor to them, but this particular issue does not. Fortunately, this is really the only quibble I have.

The Veredict

Using the first few pages to catch us up on the backstory feels like a good way to show Silver Surfer’s pain and motivations. If you’re already a fan of the character you know he’s alone in the universe, but this particular story also gets into why he’s alone (the loss of the woman he loved, Shalla Bal). Warlock, rather than going headto-head with Silver Surfer, decides he rather use him for his own advantage. Is Warlock telling the truth and can he resurrect Shalla Bal from the dead? Or is he just manipulating Silver Surfer for his own personal gain? This remains to be seen, but this issue sets the bar for a compelling series that seems well worth the read.

SCORE: 8.5

About the Author: Robert Napolitano

Robert Napolitano

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