Writer: Charlie Huston | Artist: Juan José Ryp | Colorist: Andrés Mossa

The Good:

Right off the jump, there’s something off putting about Winsor, our antagonist. It doesn’t take long for him to get his hands dirty, and by then I already can’t wait to see Wolverine get his claws on him.

The subtlety of Winsor’s character goes a long way in making us wonder what kind of evil genius he is and how much of a chance he stands. As for Wolverine, himself… At least the cover looks cool.

The Bad

The story opens up with Wolverine being treated like a rabid dog, but he soon digresses into a hairstylist which feels every bit as weird as it sounds. There are a lot of little quips that feel like they are supposed to be a lot funnier than they actually are. But what throws me the most here is the story’s tone.

I can’t figure it out. It doesn’t have the intense feel of a good Wolverine comic. And while a fresh approach can be a great thing, it can also backfire, which in this case, I would say it does BIG TIME.

The Veredict

In the opening, Logan looks like a naked gimp, yeah that’s weird, but as soon as it becomes clear that he’s in a mutant version of a dog fighting ring I was right onboard. However, the idea is much better than it’s execution.

I don’t read Wolverine comics to see Logan party like a college kid and use his claws to cut hair like the local barber. When you say it out loud it actually sounds like the complete opposite of what I want out of a Wolverine comic. This is the first issue of the series so I still want to give it a chance, but it’s off to a pretty poor start.

SCORE: 4.0

About the Author: Robert Napolitano

Robert Napolitano

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