about large speeding vehicles
with a race against the clock
plot? Speed, Snakes on Planes,
Train to Busan, and a bunch
of Fast and Furious films
all follow that same exact
formula. However, none of
those films has ever had a cast
so ambitious, and a plot so
exciting that they get the hype
that Bullet Train is about to!
So, now that the film has an
actual trailer, an actual release
date and it’s about to hit
theaters quite soon, let’s talk
about everything you need to
know about Bullet Train!


Bullet Train is a Brad Pitt starrer action-comedy film that revolves around a group of four spectacularly well-trained assassins who are caught onboard a speeding bullet train from Tokyo to Morioka. However, when they begin to talk more and more, and things start to make sense, they start to realize that their missions aren’t all that different. The train has little to no stops in between the journey, and it’s also the fastest train in the world. Now, combine the movement inside of a speeding train with the amazing action we’ve come to expect from every David Lietch movie and you have a recipe for pure, unfiltered chaos!


The movie is based on the book Maria Beetle by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka, which was released in English as Bullet Train. The film is being directed by none other than David Lietch, a renowned director in the world of action and comedy films. His previous work was Hobbs and Shaw, film that garnered a ton of attention for being one of the better films in the Fast and Furious franchise. Other than that, he’s also known for Deadpool and Deadpool 2, which were the final films in Fox’s long running X-Men and Mutant franchise of Marvel movies. Not to mention, David Lietch is a very versatile director because he also had a hand in creating the John Wick films, as well as directed the incredibly fantastic Charlize Theron starrer Atomic Blonde, a film that pushed the envelopefor action and narrative driven films.

This seems like David Lietch is going back to his roots, creating an action comedy that is pure unfiltered fun, a nonstop romp and an exhilarating adventure. The film is based entirely within a speeding train, so the opportunity for incredibly exciting action sequences is beyond measurement. Of course, along with that comes a ton of comedy because you can’t really stand still in a speeding train like this, you would be wobbling around. There’s going to be a ton of slapstick comedy, and a ton of action goodness, along with an incredibly talented cast that is going to elevate this project to newfound heights.


It simply cannot be exaggerated how incredible Brad Pitt is when it comes to the comedy genre. The man has impeccable comedic timing, and some of the best dialogue delivery in Hollywood. We’ve seen multiple different examples of his comedic timing in different movies he’s done throughout the years, films such as Mr and Mrs Smith, Inglorious Basterds, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Snatch, Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13 are all phenomenal examples of Pitt’s comedic prowess. Now, he’s returning to the genre for the raunchiest action comedy he’s ever done, a film that is all about entertaining you wholeheartedly!

Of course, Brad Pitt isn’t the only big name in this film. We have none other than everybody’s favorite runaway bride (While You Were Sleeping), Sandra Bullock playing Maria Beetle, Ladybug’s handler and ally. She’s going to be a central figure in this film, and she will be controlling everything that Ladybug is going to do behind the scenes.

We also have Michael Shannon as White Death, the leader of a notorious criminal organization who also seems to have a past experience with our main characters. The rest of the cast here is also phenomenal, with some pretty popular industry names of both recent and old fame. Joey King most commonly known for her films the kissing booth franchise, stars as the Prince, a highly important character in the film. The Prince is a highly trained British agent who is disguised as a Japanese schoolgirl.

The Prince is a cunning young rascal who will get her way no matter how difficult things seem to get! Aaron Taylor Johnson is also in this film, playing another agent code named Tangerine.

Tangerine is also a British agent, however unlike the Prince, Tangerine mainly resorts to using his highly trained fighting skills which can be exactly the same or even better than our main character Ladybug played by Brad Pitt.

Benito Martínez Ocasio plays a Mexican agent, who has a specific vendetta against our main character Ladybug. He’s also going to be on this train and looking for some good old-fashioned revenge for something that happened in the characters’ past. Brian Tyree Henry is also here, playing a British agent named Lemon, he’s a highly technical character who is also an associate of Ladybug and one of the few allies he has. Logan Lerman also makes a come back within the film industry to play The Son, an associate of Tangerine and Lemon. Andrew Koji plays a young Japanese assassin named Yuichi Kimura, who is out for blood against all these trespassers. Last but not least, we have Karen Fukuhra of The Boys fame playing a train crew member who has some of the funniest scenes within the film!

The film is very close to release, coming out soon on August 5th 2022. Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to provide a full-length trailer so that we know what exactly we’re getting into when the film launches in theaters all around you. Not only is the film coming out quite soon, it’s being expected to be released in IMAX which means that you will be able to watch this in one of the most elevated screening resolutions in the world of cinema.

Early in March, the first Bullet Train trailer was formally delivered. It gave the public their first glimpse of Brad Pitt fending off about a dozen different assassins. The footage showed some of the film’s funny and fantastic action sequences. Sony may have one of the biggest blockbusters of the year on its hands now that we’re going through superhero fatigue and people are looking for something more unique! If the early internet response to Bullet Train’s trailer is any indication, this film is going to be beloved by audiences worldwide!


So, that was all that you needed to know about the Brad Pitt starter Bullet Train. This is a film completely meant to entertain you and keep the audiences engaged throughout its runtime. The film will not only be releasing in theaters worldwide on August 5th, but you can also catch a screening in IMAX for the best possible viewing experience that you desire.

We simply cannot wait to see what director David Lietch has cooked up after the stream of successful blockbuster films he has made in recent memory. Everyone’s excited for this R-Rated romp of an adventure, and there is no better time than now to release something like this. People are tired of the same old blockbuster films, so a unique film like Bullet Train is one of the most desirable pieces of media we have.

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