in comparison to its more popular counterpart. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular series in the world and the franchise has never been more hyped than right now, with its final season doing strides for its lost popularity since Rick Grimes left the show. However, Fear the Walking Dead has seen a huge emergence of fan following, especially after its sixth season which blew all expectations out of the water.

The seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead is genuinely harrowing. It’s the most intense this series has ever been, despite being one of the most intense series of all time during the first few seasons, which had viewers genuinely stressed out. Now, with the most recent season reaching its inevitable conclusion, the characters in the series are facing some of the toughest challenges of their lives, including but not limited to some genuinely chaotic moments that will shape their narratives for the upcoming eighth season. Let’s talk about Fear the Walking Dead, and how these characters got where they are, as well as what we’d like to see moving forward in the final few episodes of Season 7.


Fear the Walking Dead is a spin-off series based in the world of The Walking Dead – AMC’s mega-hit franchise based on the comics of the same name by Robert Kirkman. Fear the Walking Dead however, is not based on any of comic books. While it’s set in the same universe, it features a completely different story, with only a few instances with characters from the Walking Dead showing up for a small period of time, with the exception of Morgan, who’s a huge part of the series.

The series starts out with a family struggling to survive in Los Angeles, which has turned into one of the largest hot spots of the zombie outbreak. However, in recent seasons, the show has started along similar divisive trends as its parent series: high on action and very heavy on drama, with the smallworld, relatable feeling of characters struggling in an apocalypse completely gone. It’s now more focused on the rough-and-tough rag-tag group of survivors duking it out between each other to ensure self-preservation and the safety of their larger groups.


Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead is genuinely one of the most intense seasons of television ever recorded. It has everything you could think of when it comes to fearing the inevitable, with horrors of all forms and shapes. Season 7 goes all out with its war setting, where a crazy cult led by a serial killer brings an end to Texas’ post-apocalyptic peacefulness, becoming a nuclear threat. Morgan, Alicia, Al, Dwight, Strand, and even Virginia all try to prevent this horrifying fate, but they eventually fail, resulting in a nuclear blast that takes over a huge chunk of the area around them. From the catastrophe come some of the most disturbing-looking zombies, completely mutated by radiation and chemicals. A lot of the characters are now stuck in different locations with his or her own issues to deal with.

Meanwhile, Strand has managed to take hold of the Tower and made it his home base, becoming a god amongst men. Aside from having the most man power in the entire state, he’s also garnered a total monopoly over most of the area. He makes people do evil things in exchange for letting them have a place in the Tower away from the toxicity. Strand is also searching for Alicia in the meantime.

Morgan finds Alicia before discovering that she’s cut her own arm off after a walker bit her. Morgan and Grace’s young child is with them at the submarine as they struggle to survive and scrounge for food. Alicia and a small group of survivors are looking for a place named Padre, which is a government facility that might be a safe haven and a large food storage supply. Unfortunately, no one seems to know where this place is at first. After collecting tiny threads of information, the group pieces them together only to find something close to what they were looking for.

After Alicia finds the body of Will, she refuses to go. Will helped her escape the bomb shelter and was killed by Strand. As we expect the two groups to go at each other’s throats, a series of side stories break out instead, as if the show were avoiding the very conflict that it was working so hard to set up.

The series has transitioned to a filler approach over the years, with the story’s conflict showcased indirectly or prolonged for several episodes. As for the final battle I mentioned, we’re unsure if it will ever happen. Charlie has a particularly interesting arc in this season, which gets shutdown halfway before reaching anything interesting. Meanwhile, fan favorite Madison Clark also makes a return to the series but hasn’t really had that much screen time so far. However, her role is likely to increase in the upcoming seasons.


With season 7 just wrapping up last month, we can begin discussing season 8. For one, we’d love for the storytelling to be more coherent. We’d love it if showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian B. Goldberg, along with the other writers, chose to focus on Morgan, Alicia, and Strand’s storylines more aggressively. Not that we dislike the side characters, but these three are arguably the most interesting and don’t get quite enough attention in season 7.

We’d also like more focus on character drama, which is the reason why we started loving Fear the Walking Dead so much to begin with. The later seasons have concentrated more on the sensational aspects of a postapocalyptic world, so it would be welcomed if we got a return to form.

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