Conventions have been uniting fans from all walks of life for decades. Most 30, 40, even 50 years, but their history is rooted even further back than that. This month, Geeky Films officially announced COMIC CON, a six-part documentary series, as currently in production and expected to be broadcast in the Fall of 2021.

The series will break down the history of fan conventions, detail their inner workings, and showcase the culture and massive successes of various conventions – Comic Cons in particular. There’s something almost unexplainable about why conventions are so addicting, and the docuseries will attempt to grasp just how Cons have transcended comic books, themselves, to become a confluence for fans of television, film, anime, and various other mediums by talking to attendees from all over the world and getting a feel for their love affair. COMIC CON will take us behind the scenes of one of the nation’s new favorite pastimes while also exploring what it takes to run these massive conventions which bring n thousands of people from all around the world every year. COMIC CON will pull back the veil on each stage of putting one of these mammoths together. Everything from gathering volunteers to landing celebrities and panelists, the series will take you through the steps needed to create these havens for fans, while also showing you the passion of the people who make it all happen. Each episode will cover a different convention around the world and show you behind the scenes.

You’ll get interviews with fans, comic executives, and celebrities who also happen to be in touch with their geeky side. Showrunner and creator, Galaxy, has worked in the Comic Con world for over two decades and knows what it takes to make these run smoothly. Comic Con and other conventions like it have moved mountains to help bring comic books, anime, and toys to the mainstream while welcoming in the film and television companies who, in recent years, have embraced the Con lifestyle and the properties they represent. This docuseries will d ve deep within the fanbase, talking to attendees about their own fandom, their dedication to cosplay, and how these conventions were the first to bring them closer to their favorite actors, celebrities, and iconic figures of the past and present. COMIC CON premieres Fall 2021.

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