that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is extremely close to your heart. It is a gigantic franchise, sprawling an epic story consisting of 25+ different movies that feature completely different events to one another, and often focus on a new character. Now, they’ve even expanded into the world of TV series on Disney + with the introduction of Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Echo and Kate Bishop in Hawkeye. However, despite the ever-growing world and everexpanding universes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s a few characters that will forever remain close to our hearts more than any other.


The Big Three of Marvel consisted of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor Odinson. While Iron Man and Captain America saw their fateful journeys come to an end after 10 years of films and constant releases, Thor still has more to tell. There is still a lot more left for ChrisHemsworth and his Thor character to bring to the big screen, which is exactly where Thor: Love and Thunder comes in? So, without further delay, let’s get right into talking about everything you need to know before you watch Thor: Love and Thunder!


Thor’s journey began back in 2011 with the original Thor film. The film showcased his rise to power from being Asgard’s gloryhound to becoming a natural leader and a true king in his own right. The story then continued on into The Avengers 2012 when Thor joined Nick Fury and his ragtag team called The Avengers to take on his brother Loki. This is where he met Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and the Hulk. Moving forward, we see Thor in Thor: The Dark World where he suffers even more losses, losing out his mother and even his brother Loki. Which then continues on into Avengers: Age of Ultron where Thor bands with The Avengers once again to take on the extremely powerful AI known as Ultron.

After this point though, Thor has only lost things in his life. He has essentially lost everything that he has ever had up to this point, and has gone through many different emotionally draining points in his life. Thor Ragnarok showcases him losing his father Odin to his own mistakes, in particular Thor’s sister Hela who was duly wronged by Odin throughout her life. She even breaks Thor’s hammer known as Mjolnir. Later on, Asgard gets destroyed in the same film, and the Asgardians are without a home. To make things even worse, this is where the Mad Titan Thanos also begins his attack on their universe, and decides to start with the Asgardian mothership.

Thor is able to save almost everyone onboard, but he loses his friend Heimdall in the process, as well as his brother Loki for the final time (at least the Loki from Universe 616). Of course, this takes a huge emotional toll on him and he is very angry. He’s stranded in space for a long time, and he’s then found by the Guardians of the Galaxy who are rummaging through the wreckage of the destroyed Asgardian mothership. The first thing that he does when he comes back to consciousness is to create a new weapon of mass destruction that will destroy Thanos efficiently. He takes the Guardians of the Galaxy on a round trip around the universe to a place in space where the Asgardians make their weapons. This is where Thor creates his powerful new axe Stormbreaker. He teleports to Earth while the Battle for the Infinity Gauntlet rages on as the Avengers and all of Earth’s mightiest heroes are gathered against Thanos in Wakanda for the final showdown.

Thor is an extremely powerful individual, and he completely destroys Thanos’s army to smithereens all by himself. However, he is unable to stop Thanos from using the Infinity Gauntlet and cutting the entire universe’s population into half. This results in one of the most catastrophic arcs for him, as he gets severely depressed, drowning himself in alcohol and video games and a ton of junk food to forget his sadness of losing everyone and everything he has worked so hard to keep. Thor was at the lowest point his life, when an opportunity to make things better arrived 5 years after these events. Thor once again joined the whole crew of The Avengers alongside a few new faces, and went back on a journey through time and space to save the world and resurrect the people who they had all lost. This time around though, Thor manages to save the universe along with the rest of The Avengers, and instead of sticking around on planet earth and being the king that he wanted to be for so long, Thor decides to have time to his own self, giving himself time to heal and recuperate mentally while leaving the charge of kingship over the Asgardians to Valkyrie. He heads out with the Guardians of the Galaxy on a journey of self-discovery, and this is where we will see him in Thor: Love and Thunder!


Well, while we can’t exactly tell you what’s going to happen in the film, we can give you a little bit of an insight as to what is coming. Thor is back in his glory form, he is stronger than ever and he looks absolutely shredded with the best body that Chris Hemsworth has ever built for any film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only that, but we have a few faces that we have been dying to see more of in the Thor franchise. The first and most important one out of these is Jane Foster, also known as The Mighty Thor.
Thor and Jane had a bond that couldn’t be broken, they were essentially soulmates who had found themselves after their different worlds collided back in 2011. They completely lost each other after a while in those events though, and when they recuperated back in Thor: The Dark World, they were just in such a treacherous situation with the aether that they couldn’t really bond over it. However, this time around; the relationship seems to be a bit more even footed as Jane Foster has managed to find herself her own extremely powerful set of abilities. Jane Foster is the Mighty Thor, highly anticipated character from the beloved marvel comic book series, the Mighty Thor is essentially Jane foster taking on the mantle of Thor after he has retired. However, we’re quite sure that this film isn’t going to do exactly the things that the comic book series managed to. We’ve always found that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has told the comic book stories in their own unique ways. We’re sure that it won’t be any different this time around either.

Of course, Valkyrie is also making a comeback as the queen of Asgard. Valkyrie has been one of Thor’s most formidable allies, not only did she help him during the most difficult time of his life in Ragnarok, but she was also there in the battle against Thanos in Wakanda. So, it only makes sense that she makes her comeback right when Thor needs her most. More importantly though, Taika Waititi’s very own character of Korg is also making a comeback to the films! However, this time around he isn’t just a side character but an actual supporting character that stays throughout the film from beginning to end. Some of the old Asgardian faces are also going to make a return, such as Lady Sif who we haven’t seen for many films at this point. There are also rumors for many different cameos, but the most important ones come from the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves. In fact, it’s a little more than a cameo because the guardians are going to stay throughout the film, at least the first half, we’re quite sure of it. This is simply going to be one of the biggest movies with one of the largest casts in any Marvel Cinematic Universe feature film that you have seen to date.

Aside from all this fantastic new information, we’ve also seen Christian Bale making his entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Gorr the God Butcher. Gorr Is one of those villains in the comic book series that you simply cannot forget. He is a catastrophic villain, doing so much damage to not just Thor but everybody around him and everybody that he swears his vengeance upon. His character is highly complex, with his back story spanning across years of suffering and character development that he goes through on his own. Now, with director Taika Waititi in charge, we feel that the dark background for this new villain combined with the whimsical and humorous tone of his films is going to work in a fantastically contrasting way.

A few new characters are also making their first appearance, such as Zeus played by Russell Crowe. The Marvel Universe is quite unique compared to every other mythology. They have Norse Gods and the Greek Gods living in harmony in the same shared universe, but they live in different parts of the universe so they don’t really contrive into each other stories.

We also have the Egyptian Gods in this same universe, which we found out about in Moon Knight. There’s also just a never ending stream of different mythologies and conquests that are a huge part of this universe, so now that Zeus has finally made his appearance, we’re 100% sure that the story you can go anywhere.


Now that you know essentially everything that you need to know about the film before you’re going in and watching it for yourselves, we’re going to provide you with some more information that is going to get you even more hyped up for Thor: Love and Thunder!

  • This is one of the few Marvel Cinematic Universe films which has more music than many other movies in the franchise. It has essentially the same level of musical use as the Guardians of the Galaxy films, which makes a lot of sense considering the Guardians of the Galaxy are a huge part of this film as well. There are a ton of tracks from Guns N’ Roses, ABBA, Mary J. Blige, Ciara and Dio! If that isn’t an eighties hype fuel playlist, then we don’t know what could be!
  • Yet again a new Thor film is introducing a brand new villain that we have never seen before. It is most likely that history will be concluded in the events of this film, but even still, this is a new character that we know completely nothing about So there’s always an aura of surprising mystery to it. To make it better, Gorr is being played by Christian Bale, a legendary actor known for his roles as Batman, and Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.
  • Taika Waititi is directing. He’s the man who revitalized Thor as a character and gave him new life after the subpar film that was Thor: The Dark World. Taika Waititi is the perfect man for a blockbuster film such as this, he makes a ton of comedic jokes in his films, despite the fact that his films have a ton of emotion and heart to them. If this film is anything like Thor Ragnarok, we’re in for a wild time.
  • There’s more humor than ever before! Keep this in mind, Thor: Love and Thunder is an actual comedy film. The jokes are the main meat of this movie, and director Taika Waititi is not going to take any shortcuts with them. Though aside from that, it’s also a romantic film! So, keep your expectations very high on those two fronts!


Thor: Love and Thunder is out now in cinemas near you. So, take the weekend off, or honestly just take the week day off, and go watch this film right now. This is a blockbuster extravaganza if there ever has been one, so you need to make sure that you’re not missing out on all the fun and the world building that Thor: Love and Thunder is bringing to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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